Wellness Trends: Should You Try IV Hydration Therapy?

Jan 01, 2020

Human beings are shifting more toward health wellness by the day. Everyone is looking for one extra thing that can help improve the quality of their life. As the years go by, technology continues to impact how things get done. Medical experts are coming up with better innovative techniques to improve the quality of human life.

What Is Hydration Therapy?

It is a wellness treatment that is used on patients to boost the nutrients that get into their bodies. Ideally, the treatment involves injecting electrolyte-packed IV fluids into the bloodstream directly. These fluids are rich in different nutrients and components, as per the needs of a patient. Some examples of the nutrients in the IV fluids are Vitamin B complex and C, calcium, glutathione and magnesium sulfate. This process is used to increase the efficacy and speed of absorption of such nutrients in the body. It is common among sportspeople, which is why sports medicine services in Clovis are readily available.

Why Is Hydration Therapy Important?

On its own, the human body is efficient in all its activities. It can process information and absorb nutrients without reinforcement. However, it is not every time that the human body can perform optimally on its own. Sometimes you need IV hydration therapy near you to charge up your body and increase the functionality. Such instances can happen for athletes who have suffered sports injuries that can compromise how the body works. Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Boosting energy levels – sometimes the body is too exhausted to function in its optimum state. Hydration therapy helps you feel better quicker than other treatments and therapies.
  • Combating stress – the stress levels of an individual can hold them back from functioning at an optimum state. Such cases are neutralized with hydration therapy that calms down the body and encourages relaxation to lower the stress levels.
  • Fighting hangovers – after a night of overindulgence, the body gives in to hangovers. Even though the body can naturally find its momentum, it takes time. Instead of surrendering the fate of your day to your body, you can consider the hydration therapy to jumpstart your body and defeat the terrible hangovers.
  • Body relief – on those sickly days, your body is trying to deal with a lot. The swelling, nausea, headaches and low moods can be fixed with hydration. The treatment combines different components, including anti-nausea ingredients and anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve your body of any discomfort.
  • Fighting the flu – the flu is one of the most common ailments that people suffer from, especially in the workplace. Catching a cold can have you in bed for a day or more. It gets your body all worked up with a fever, body chills, sneezing, and a lot of fatigue. You can consider Green sports medicine any time you are feeling under the weather and incapable of delivering on your daily tasks.
  • Volume addition – when your body loses volume due to dehydration, your cosmetic appearance is also compromised. There is a reason dermatologists insist on keeping the body hydrated. This treatment increases your hydration level faster and more effectively than through the traditional way of drinking lots of water. In the end, you enjoy beautiful lustrous skin, with volume retained all over your body.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

The efficiency of IV therapy has been proven over time. It works by delivering different products directly into the body, through the bloodstream. This means that all the components of the IV fluids are absorbed faster than with conventional ways of nutrient absorption.

Usually, your doctor will inject the fluid containing the substances your body needs, whether vitamins or hydration fluids. This way, you do not have to rely wholly on your digestive system to get your body working optimally. The IV fluids can even contain antioxidants to benefit your skin, giving you’re a younger and more lustrous appearance.

Besides, the treatment does not require a lot of time to take. In around 15-30 minutes, the components of the fluids should already be kicking in your system. It has, therefore, been considered by health experts as another way of staying healthy. However, you should not overlook other ways of keeping your health in check, including food choices and exercising.