Understanding Orthobiologics in Clovis, CA

May 28, 2019

All you have to do is scan your newsfeed or turn on your television, and you’ll see positive media coverage for orthobiologics – one of the latest and more efficient breakthroughs to treat injury recovery in Clovis, CA.

Such enticing breakthroughs may prompt you to want to learn even more about this new treatment modality. We hope the following answers to the more commonly asked questions we hear in our sports medicine practice in Clovis provide you with the information you’re looking for. But if you still have questions, please call us to ask us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are orthobiologics? Simply stated, the term orthobiologics refers to the broad treatment used by health providers to stimulate healing. The focus in that last sentence should be on the word “stimulate,” since that’s the main purpose of the treatment: To promote new tissue growth, to assist in the preservation of the tissue that has not been damaged, to improve function and mobility, and to help decrease pain.

What are the different kinds of orthobiologics? At present there are several categories of orthobiologics that include oral medications and supplements, hyaluronic acid injections, platelet-rich Protein injections, and Bone Marrow injections. All of them are natural treatments, which means there is never a use drugs or chemicals. Instead, health care providers will often use your own tissue to promote healing. Note, however, that if your injury is considered bone-on-bone, injections will not grow new cartilage – but treatment can result in decreased pain associated with the condition. As such, orthobiologics in bone-on-bone conditions can improve your function and quality of life.

Does my insurance cover the treatments? This is a very hard question to answer since there are so many variables involved such as the type of coverage you have and the exact condition that you’re being treated for. We suggest that you contact your insurance plan administrator to get a more precise answer to this question. If they will not provide insurance coverage, we’re happy to let you know that our pricing is very competitive and many patients seeking pain relief in Clovis, CA have determined it to be more than beneficial when weighing treatment against an insurance obstacle.

Does it always work? Similar to the answer given above, because there are so many variables involved such as a patient’s age, previous injuries, and medical history, to name a few, the honest answer is that it may not work for everyone. Keep in mind that we use this treatment platform to stimulate healing in your body, and the results have been very positive overall.

How can I learn more? Please feel free to make a consultation appointment with Green Sports Medicine today. Whether it’s for an evaluation of knee pain in Clovis, back pain in Clovis, or a sports injury in Clovis, our patient care team is ready to develop a treatment plan for your exact area of need.