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Protein Injections in Clovis, CA

At Green Sports Medicine, we are proud to offer Protein injections in Clovis, CA for our patients that are interested in stimulating the healing of chronically injured tissue. Not sure if Protein treatment would be the best option for you? Feel free to schedule an evaluation with Green Sports Medicine. We would be happy to determine the cause of your problems and the best treatment option for it.

About Protein Injections

Protein injection is a treatment that is produced from your own blood. Platelets are cells in our body that contain nutrients and growth factors, stimulating the normal wound healing process (similar to how skin heals after a scrape). With Protein injections, a very high concentration of platelets will be extracted from your own blood. This is then used to stimulate the healing of chronically injured tissue.

Why Protein Injections?

Protein injections are a wonderful option for any patient that is interested in an effective therapy that does not involve long-term medication use or surgery. Protein therapy has been proven to accelerate tissue healing by up to 50%, allowing the patient to heal and get back to normal sooner than usual. Protein therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of injuries in the body, making it an extremely versatile way to improve function and reduce pain.

Protein Therapy Procedure

Prior to Protein therapy, a tiny amount of blood is taken from you. Your blood is then placed in a centrifuge, automatically isolating the Protein. The entire process to create a Protein injection takes less than 15 minutes and actually increases the concentration of platelets/growth factors by up to 500%. Once prepared, the Protein is then injected into the injured area, allowing it to heal.

You can also get a free Protein injection in Clovis, CA to improve the recovery process and treatment.

Interested in a Protein treatment near you? Schedule an evaluation with Green Sports Medicine and receive Protein therapy in Clovis for free.

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