Orthobiologics and Joint Preservation in Clovis, CA

Do you suffer from joint discomfort, stiffness or pain? Do you partake in athletic activities or sports? Interested in a natural treatment to relieve symptoms and preserve the body?

At Green Sports Medicine we are proud to offer orthobiologics in Clovis, CA for our patients that are interested in a natural treatment for joint preservation and pain relief. Wondering if orthobiologics would be the right option for you and your body? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Green Sports Medicine, we would be happy to evaluate your body to determine the root cause of your symptoms and to create a treatment plan.

Joint Preservation & Orthobiologic Treatment

At Green Sports Medicine, we are dedicated to providing the healthiest, safest and most effective options available for joint pain treatment in Clovis,CA. For this reason we offer a variety of orthobiologic treatments for our patients, including:

Joint Injections

Joint injections typically consists of steroids and an anesthetic directly injected into the target joint. Joint injections can be effective for reducing joint inflammation and pain while improving mobility. Interested in joint injections in Clovis? Schedule an appointment with Green Sports Medicine today as our doctors can also guide you through the process of natural joint pain relief.

Protein Therapy

Platelet-rich Protein therapy (Protein) is an orthobiologic treatment option which uses a concentrate of your own blood. A centrifuge is used to remove other components from the blood, leaving only platelet-rich Protein. The platelet-rich Protein is then injected directly into damaged or injured tissue to stimulate healing.

Bone Marrow Therapy

Bone Marrow therapy has gained a lot of popularity as a non-surgical option that offers treatment for orthopedic and sports injuries. Research has shown that athletes can return to activity faster, allowing them to perform their best.

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