Water Massage Therapy in Clovis, CA

Have you recently experienced an injury while participating in sports or while at work? Experience chronic pain conditions? Interested in a treatment option that doesn’t involve medication or surgery? At Green Sports Medicine we are proud to offer water hydrotherapy in Clovis, CA for our patients that are interested in natural pain relief. Interested in finding out the root cause of your problems and getting them treated? Feel free to schedule an examination with Green Sports Medicine. We would be happy to determine the best treatment option for you and your body.

About Water Massage Therapy

Water massage therapy is a specific type of massage therapy which involves floating and stretching the patient in warm water. Water massage therapy can be useful in releasing chronic pain conditions in the body along with injuries by taking weight off of the vertebrae, spine and other portions of the body. Water massage therapy allows movement that may not be possible during traditional massage therapy on a massage table.

Whether you have been injured while playing your favorite sport or strained something while at work, aqua massage therapy in Clovis can be an excellent option.

Why Water Massage Therapy?

At Green Sports Medicine we are dedicated to providing our patients with safe, healthy and natural treatment options. We believe that elite athletes and even regular exercisers can benefit from adding water massage to their regimen. Those that have experienced injuries can also benefit from relief. Water massage can help to relax muscles in the body, prevent the buildup of lactic acid, improve recovery/healing times and even reduce soreness without the use of medication or need for any surgical intervention.

Schedule Clovis Water Massage Therapy Today

Think that you or your loved one may benefit from water massage therapy near you? If your search is for hydromassage near me, then feel free to contact Green Sports Medicine today. We are always welcoming new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation. We can determine the cause of your issues and create a treatment plan to address them properly.

Other than in Clovis, you can book your appointment with our doctors in Fresno and Sanger, CA. Visit us now!