Physical Therapy in Clovis, CA

Have you recently been injured on the job? Has your child experienced a sports-related injury? Experiencing back, shoulder, knee or any other type of pain? Wishing there was a natural way to experience relief and rebuild your strength? At Green Sports Medicine we are proud to offer physical therapy in Clovis, CA for our patients that have experienced an injury and are interested in a specialized program to relieve their pain and restore their athletic abilities. Not sure if physical therapy would be right for you? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Green Sports Medicine for physical therapy in Fresno, CA. We would be happy to evaluate your discomfort, pain, and injury to determine the best treatment option for you.

About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment option often provided by those in the sports medicine field that addresses injuries, deformities, and diseases without using drugs or resorting in surgery. During physical therapy, various physical methods may be used such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise to help relieve any symptoms and help to re-strengthen the patient.

At Green Sports Medicine we utilize state-of-the-art technology, advanced equipment, and the latest physical therapy methods to ensure each of our patients receives the best Clovis physical therapy possible.

Depending upon your exact injury and symptomatology, our doctor at Green Sports Medicine can create a custom-tailored physical therapy treatment plan for you and your exact condition. Physical therapy often requires numerous appointments and may even require the patient to work on certain exercises while at home.

Why Physical Therapy?

For many patients that experience an injury, medications and surgeries are their first choice. While medication and surgery can provide instant results, there are often side effects and drawbacks to opting for those treatment options. Physical therapy uses natural methods to address pain, discomfort, and stiffness in the body, allowing the patient to experience relief.

Start Clovis Physical Therapy Today

Think that you or a loved one may benefit from physical therapy nearby? Contact Green Sports Medicine today for anything related to sports physicals in Fresno, CA. We are always welcoming new patients into our practice and would be happy to get you added to our schedule for an appointment.