Non-Surgery Fracture Care in Clovis, CA

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident that has resulted in a fracture? Have you been told you won’t require surgical treatment? Interested in non-surgery fracture care in Clovis, CA? At Green Sports Medicine we are dedicated to treating a wide range of injuries, including dislocated clavicle, dislocated wrist, fractures and other dislocations of the foot, hand, humerus and even scapula. We believe in providing our patients with the best treatment options possible and are proud to offer non-surgical fracture treatment in Clovis for our patients that have dislocated or fractured something in their body that will not require surgical intervention in order to repair and heal properly. Not sure the extent of your injury? Wondering if you may need non-surgery fracture care? Schedule an appointment with Green Sports Medicine. We would be more than happy to determine your exact injury and the proper treatment option for you.

About Fractures/Dislocations

Bone fractures, also known as a broken bone are actually a very common occurrence, especially among those who participate in sports. In fact, most people will experience at least two bone fractures in their lifetime. Dislocations are another extremely common occurrence among athletes and workers due to straining, impact, lifting and other injuries. In many cases, dislocations and fractures can be treated without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Why Non-Surgery Fracture Care?

At Green Sports Medicine we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible joint dislocation treatments in Clovis, CA. We understand that surgery should always be the last possible option. Casts and splints can help with the pain and swelling of any injured limb while also protecting the injured area from any additional damage.

Casts and splints are typically made using custom-made fiberglass or plaster. Casts are permanent and need to be removed by your doctor following your treatment, while a splint can actually be removed and adjusted by the patient. Braces can be used to relieve pressure from an unstable joint or fractured area and can be a wonderful alternative to surgery.

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