Joint Injections in Clovis, CA

Have you recently been experiencing pain, discomfort or stiffness in your knees, elbows, wrists or other joints? Tried over-the-counter painkillers, exercise, stretching and even physical therapy with no relief? At Green Sports Medicine we are happy to offer joint injections in Clovis, CA for our patients that experience pain, discomfort or stiffness while trying to move and are interested in a treatment option that can provide results that actually last. Not sure if a joint injection near you is the right option for you and your pain? Feel free to schedule an evaluation with Green Sports Medicine today for joint pain treatment in Clovis, CA. We would be happy to get you on our schedule to determine the root cause of your joint issues.

About Joint Injections

Joint injections are a sports medicine treatment option that involves injecting steroids or another medication directly into a joint or where two bones join together. The ultimate goal of joint injections is to reduce swelling and inflammation in the area, improving the patient’s mobility and ability to properly utilize the affected joint.

Why Joint Injections?

For many patients, joint pain and inflammation can cause mobility issues and discomfort, having a major impact on their day-to-day life and overall happiness. Joint injections are a wonderful option that can provide long-lasting relief to many patients without the need for daily medications or physical therapy.

Getting Joint Injections

Getting joint injections actually only takes a few minutes and is performed utilizing digital imaging to ensure precision and safety. Typically, a steroid medicine solution is injected into the joint, reducing the swelling and inflammation. Joint injections typically have very few side effects, and little downtime, for certain joints, it may be necessary to receive the injection as an outpatient procedure. During your evaluation with Green Sports Medicine, your doctor will discuss the specifics of your joint injection and what exactly you should expect.

Schedule Clovis Joint Injections Today

Interested in reducing your pain and discomfort with a joint injection in Clovis, CA? Contact Green Sports Medicine today for joint pain relief in Clovis, CA. We would be happy to get you on our schedule for an appointment. We’re also available for services in Fresno and Sanger, CA. Book your appointment with us today!