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I struggled with my weight my entire adult life…

I did low carbs, low fat, keto, calorie counting, even down to just starving myself for days.

I couldn’t afford gastric bypass surgery and was ready to give up and just accept that I was going to be obese and hungry for the rest of my life.

That’s when my doctor recommended I try a medication-based approach and it was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me. It entirely took away my hunger. I went from constantly thinking about food to being able to live a normal life and going from 309lbs to 215lbs over the next year.

I couldn’t have had such success without the help of my medical team.

Individual results can vary based on starting body weight, diet, and exercise plan. Medication prescriptions require approval from your clinician based on your health history.

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Welcome to Dr. Green’s Sports Medicine Clinic, where you’ll find the finest care from the best sports medicine doctor. Dr. Green recommends only the most effective sports medicines to ensure a swift and successful weight loss!

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Our goal is to provide access to the most effective medication to the people who need it most. We recommend the most effective weight loss sports medicine:

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