How PRP Therapy is a Game Changer for Athletes

Green Sports Medicine has years of experience treating all types of athletic injuries. We’ve seen everything from football to wrestling to golf, and we treat each case as an individual entity based on its mechanism of injury.

We offer a range of treatments and healing methods, including the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection, which has been found to enhance the healing process significantly and is becoming more common. But what exactly is PRP Injection and is it right for you?


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection is an advanced treatment to promote healing of injuries by using your own blood, which contains platelets and growth factors. A small amount of blood is taken from you, and the platelets are separated from the plasma to get more blood cells. Then these concentrated platelets are injected back into the area of damage or injury with PRP injection to prevent future problems with the aid of platelets. This procedure will stimulate cellular repair and growth at the site.

Getting a PRP injection involves no cutting or stitches and usually has minimal discomfort. Also, PRP doesn’t usually cause major side effects, and treatment is considered safe and effective.

At Green Sports Medicine, we believe every patient deserves individualized attention and treatment with a compassionate and caring staff. Our team of physicians is dedicated to helping you get back in the game. Schedule an evaluation with Green Sports Medicine today.