Effective and Safe Ways to Manage Weight Loss

Oct 01, 2019

Do you think you need to lose weight? When it comes to weight loss, there are tons of advice. Books, magazines, and websites all promise the weight loss you want, using diets that eliminate fat or carbs or those that advertise special supplements. With so many confusing options, it’s difficult to understand what approach might work. Here are some suggestions for choosing a weight-loss program in Clovis, CA.

Involving The Doctor in Weight-Loss Efforts

Before anyone starts a weight-loss program, one should talk to their doctor. The doctor can review the medical issues and medications that might affect the weight and provide guidance on a program. One can also discuss how to exercise safely, especially if one suffers from physical or medical challenges or pain with daily tasks. One should be open about fad diets that interest them. The doctor might be able to direct them to support groups or refer to any good dietician.

Look for an Effective and Safe Program

It’s easy to fall into the trap of promises of rapid and dramatic weight loss, but a slow and steady weight-loss plan is easier to maintain and usually has more advantages. Sometimes, faster weight loss can be safe if it’s done right, such as a very low-calorie meal plan with medical supervision, or a quick-start phase of a healthy-eating plan.

Successful weight loss needs a long-term commitment to making healthy lifestyle changes in eating, behavior, and exercise. Behavior modification is important and can have the greatest impact on long-term efforts. Green Sports medicine offers programs in Clovis, CA, which can transform the person’s lifestyle. This clinic recommends to keep in mind these things for any kind of weight-loss program.

  • Flexibility– A flexible eating plan doesn’t restrict certain foods or food groups, but instead includes a variety of foods from all the other food groups. A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean protein sources, and seeds and nuts. A flexible plan allows an occasional and balanced indulgence if one prefers. It should include foods one can find in their local grocery store and that they enjoy eating. However, one should reduce alcohol, sugary drinks, and high-sugar sweets because the calories in them don’t supply enough nutrients.
  • Balance– The plan should include enough nutrients and calories. Eating large quantities of certain foods, such as meat or grapefruit, immediately cutting calories, or removing entire food groups, such as carbs, can cause nutritional problems. Healthy and safe diets do not require excessive vitamins or supplements.
  • Likeability– A person’s diet should include foods they like, that one would enjoy eating for life, not ones one can tolerate over the course of the plan. If the person does not like the food on the plan or it is overly restrictive, it becomes boring, and then he/she would probably won’t stick to it, so long-term weight loss will not happen.
  • Activity– Any kind of physical activity is needed for the program. Exercise plus fewer calories can help you lose weight. There are various benefits of exercising, including overcoming the muscle mass loss that occurs with weight loss.

What All a Safe and Successful Program Should Include?

A successful program should involve behavioral treatment that can teach the person how to develop and stick with healthier eating and physical activity habits like keeping food and activity records. One should also make a note of whether they are getting enough sleep and the benefits and drawbacks of weight-loss medicines. Some FDA-approved medically-supported weight loss medicines include orlistat and lorcaserin.

One should also check ongoing feedback, monitoring, and support throughout the program, either personally or by phone, online, or through a blend of these approaches.

Physical activity is great for everyone, but it is also vital to have one’s physical condition assessed to make sure they aren’t at serious risk for injury. Our sports medicine clinic in Clovis, CA, can provide parents and athletes with tips on how to prevent any kind of mishaps, including instructions simple stretches and exercises that can be performed before the game. So, if anyone needs a sports Physicals in Clovis, CA, Green Sports Medicine is just a call away.