Common Misconceptions About Protein Therapy

Jun 01, 2019

As one of the latest and most promising approaches in regenerative medicine in Clovis, CA, Protein therapy has a certain amount of mystique surrounding it. And that mystique comes with a few misconceptions. As a therapeutic treatment more commonly known as blood injection therapy, Green Sports Medicine hopes to provide information to anyone with questions or concerns about this procedure that’s successfully used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the more common misconceptions:

Protein Therapy is a Risky Procedure. We’re unsure how this misconception got started since Protein treatment is considered minimally invasive by the medical and health-care communities. Also, since the treatment modality encompasses only the use of a patient’s own blood, there is never a risk of rejection or the transmittal of blood-born diseases.

Protein Treatment Takes a Long Time. The whole process takes no more than two hours – often less than that — and doesn’t call for any post-treatment downtime. Sure, Protein treatment will not miraculously cure ailments on the spot, but benefits from the therapy will become noticeable shortly thereafter.

I am Too Young of a Candidate for Protein Therapy in Clovis, CA. Because Protein therapy has proven to be beneficial to patients of all ages, there is no “right” age to receive treatment. This misconception may have originated since the therapy is most commonly used in individuals with degenerating and painful injuries – and those conditions are more common after that age of 18.

Protein Therapy Requires Multiple Visits to the Doctor. The term “multiple visits” implies that the therapy is extremely time-intensive when in fact the typical protocol is a mere three injections spread out over a period of three weeks. So yes, there are “multiple visits,” but the full treatment protocol has a very clear finish line.

Protein is Expensive. While it’s true that regenerative medicine can be considered costly in certain instances, Protein therapy is considered one of the more affordable procedures. And when patients factor in that Protein therapy is often used in replacement of costly and invasive surgery, this form of regenerative medicine becomes even more cost-effective.

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