Are you Ready for a Stem Cell Injection?

Are you one of the 14 million adults in America that have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis? Do you find yourself watching every step, fearing that your knee pain will get worse? Do you google late at night, “How do people live with chronic knee pain?”   Maybe you’ve tried non-surgical procedures like physical and occupational therapy…

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How PRP Therapy is a Game Changer for Athletes

Green Sports Medicine has years of experience treating all types of athletic injuries. We’ve seen everything from football to wrestling to golf, and we treat each case as an individual entity based on its mechanism of injury. We offer a range of treatments and healing methods, including the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection, which has been…

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The Science Behind Joint Injections

You may be asking yourself, “what are joint injections” and “are they effective?” Joint injections are a treatment option used by many sports medicine physicians. Joint injections involve injecting medications directly into the site of inflammation in the joints, which reduces swelling and improves mobility. Doctors and physicians, a century ago, discovered that the placenta, the amniotic membrane,…

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