Are you Ready for a Stem Cell Injection?

Are you one of the 14 million adults in America that have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis? Do you find yourself watching every step, fearing that your knee pain will get worse? Do you google late at night, “How do people live with chronic knee pain?”


Maybe you’ve tried non-surgical procedures like physical and occupational therapy (PT and OT) for help in the search for lasting pain relief and mobility gains. These therapies may include exercise, massage, acupuncture, and modalities such as electrical stimulation. Over time, these therapies can help reduce pain and stiffness, but they aren’t necessarily cures.


At Green Sports Medicine, we can help you with stem cell injections. Stem cell injections are transforming the world of medicine by offering a powerful fix for arthritis or injuries that were previously untreatable. If you’re suffering from joint pain in your knee due to arthritis, you might be surprised to learn that this therapy has shown promising results in multiple clinical trials. Let’s find out if you’re ready for a stem cell injection.


What Is Stem Cell Injections?


A stem cell injection is most commonly used for joint pain. A small amount of your own adult stem cells is injected into the knee joint that’s giving you trouble. The idea is that your stem cells will help repair the cellular damage in your knee joint and encourage it to function properly again. And because you are your very own donor, no immune system rejection will occur.


Stem cell injections are very appealing because they aren’t invasive. They don’t cause incisions, which means fewer side effects and faster post-procedure healing. Getting rid of the incision also means no visible scarring either. This treatment is so much quicker than surgery. That’s why stem cells are drawing more and more patients in for joint pain relief.


What Should I Expect at Green Sports Medicine?


At Green Sports Medicine, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced technologies to ensure your stem cell injection is performed to the highest standards. Every injection is administered under ultrasound guidance to ensure the precise placement of the stem cells. Once the stem cells are injected, we wait to see how the cartilage regenerates in the joint. Because every patient reacts differently to a stem cell injection, we will assess whether more shots are necessary.


Some patients get the injection and get 80% reduced pain, but others are different. There’s a range, but most of our patients go years without pain and avoid knee replacement surgery. Imagine a life with no knee pain. With stem cell injections, you CAN get your life back. Plus, at Green Sports Medicine, we’ve been very successful working with most insurances to help reduce the costs.


Book an appointment with us today and get back in the game with Green Sports Medicine.